Bateau Bayeux Course – 2017!

The Bateau Bayeux Course is now full!

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Thank you for your interest in the Bateau Bayeux Course!

Unfortunately, the Bateau Bayeux Course is full and registration is closed. Keep checking here to find out when it will be offered again in 2017. There is information about the course further down this page.

If you want your name to be put on the list to be notified first of the next session of the Bateau Bayeux Course, please send an email to:

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Bateau Bayeux Course Information for 2017

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950 years ago William the Conquerer sailed from Normandy to England to stake his claim to the throne. Not long after, the Bayeux Tapestry was created. This image comes from the ancient embroidery showing soldiers and their horses coming across the English Channel. It is embroidered almost entirely in what has now become known as Bayeux stitch, named after the famous embroidery. This course will teach you how to create a small part of this famous embroidery using the Bayeux stitch.


-The cost of the course will be $117.00 including shipping and handling. Payments may be made in full or in 10 installments to make it affordable for everyone.

-The kits will be shipped in time for you to be ready to begin when the first lessons arrives in your inbox via email. Lessons are delivered via PDF which you may download and keep as long as you need to.

The courses offered by “With Threaded Needle” were developed with four aims: 1) to provide excellent long distance teaching, 2) to embroiderers all over the world, 3) who wish to be part of an online community of embroiderers, 4) at a reasonable cost.

The kit includes linen with the design already transferred onto a beautiful piece of 32 count Weberei Weddigen linen and all of the naturally plant dyed wool you will need to complete the project. The embroidered area is 30 cm x 20 cm