Welcome to “With Threaded Needle!”

This social network site is designed especially for you and your fellow students on “With Threaded Needle”. Your course materials will be sent as a downloadable pdf in an email every month. However, we all know that a huge part of the fun of taking an embroidery course is making new friends, sharing our embroidery (and life!) experiences, having a sympathetic friend who listens and commiserates when things don’t go well and, best of all, soaking up all those compliments as we work together creating something beautiful!

You do NOT need to use this site to get your course materials. They will arrive in an email every month and you can always reach me by email if you have any questions. If you choose not to use this site to communicate with your fellow class members you will still get a great deal of pleasure out of the project we will create!

Now that you’ve registered and you’re here, take time to become familiar with “Your Page.” Simply click on the words “Your Page” and you will see what’s been happening on “With Threaded Needle”. Here¬†you will find all your own and your classmates posts, messages, uploaded images…this is where it all happens!

Right under “Your Page” you will see a menu item entitled “Edit Profile.” This is where you will find your personal details, your privacy and forum update settings and a place to enter your website information. Please, if you’d like to share our site with us, take time to enter the URL. This is also where you can change your password.

Under the “Edit Profile” dropdown menu item you will see a place to upload an avatar. Please take time to do this since it makes the site so pretty and so personal!

The next three drop down menu items are “Gallery”, “Favorites” and “Groups”. Take some time to explore these areas of the site so, when you’re ready to upload photos, have favourite posts you want to refer back to, or have created a group with a specific purpose, you’ll be ready to go!

The next menu item is entitled “Forums.” This is where discussion takes place. You can add to an established forum or create your own when you have a new topic.

Next we have what I think will be one of my favourite places to visit: “Students Galleries”! This is where you can see every image that has been uploaded by every student who has decided to share them with us all. What a wealth of inspiration!

Next is the directory of all the students in the course, followed by some information about me, a contact form and to the far right, the logout button.

I think I’ve covered most everything you need to know to get started. Remember, this is your site: have a great time connecting with one another and welcome to “With Threaded Needle”!